Tonto Costume

Tonto Womens costumeThe Lone Ranger isn’t the only hero in town – a new star was born when Johnny Depp decided to play Tonto in the movie! The Tonto costume is an excellent choice because at no time during your normal day, week, month, or year would you ever dress like him!

actor johnny depp dressed in tonto costume

Actor johnny depp dressed in tonto costume!

Tonto is of course a Native American Indian that roamed the Old West with the Lone Ranger. He was supposed to be from the Potawatomi nation, a people from the Mississippi River region. Most famously, actor Jay Silverheels played Tonto in the TV series, while actor Johnny Depp is reviving the character with his own interpretation in the 2013 movie release of the Lone Ranger.
So what does Tonto wear?

johnny depp on set of lone ranger in costume

Johnny Depp version of Tonto

Tonto is a Native American, and wears native american clothing! For your costume, you can go two ways with it – you can be traditional (as he dressed in the TV series), or the “reinterpreted Tonto” – ala Johnny Depp.

Tonto’s Native American Styling

Tonto CostumeFor your costume, you can wear pretty much anything with a Native American touch, however if you have a calf-skin colored top and pants with fringe, this would work best, and will give you the “traditional” Tonto Look.  A headband going across the forehead and a leather belt will finish the look.  For footwear, try some calf-skin boots, or some moccasins for a nice finish.

What about the Johnny Depp version of Tonto?

Johnny Depps’ interpretation of the Lone Ranger’s sidekick is a little more exciting!

1.  Get a Crow Headdresstonto crow headdress as worn by actor johnny depp

depp crow headdressTo get the Johnny Depp Tonto costume, you’ll want to start with a crow headdress.  Depp wears this black bird as a decorative peice perched atop his headband.  Its wings are spread and it looks as if it’s about to take flight.

2.  Don’t forget Warrior Facepaint

Also, different from the Tonto of the TV Series, Depp enlivens the character and makes him appear more fearsome by applying white facepaint.  Be sure to put black vertical lines up and down your face from the inner and outer corners of your eyes for extra detail.

3.  And of course, the Long Hair!

Finally, to complete your costume, wear a long haired wig and add some feathers and braids into it.  This will add that extra visual appeal and fearsomeness to your outfit!!

johnny depp dressed in tonto costume

johnny depp dressed in tonto costume

Here are some photos of Johnny Depp on the set of the Lone Ranger wearing his Tonto costume.

johnny depp as Tonto getting into costume

johnny depp as Tonto getting into costume

tonto on train in lone ranger

Johnny Depp dressed as Tonto

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