Thanksgiving Costumes

Thanksgiving costume ideasĀ are not as easy to choose from compared to Halloween outfits since there are a limited number of significant and appropriate “characters” to choose from. Halloween is a holiday that your imagination is the limit on where you want to take your costume idea. For Thanksgiving, however, there are limited choices that will bring about the appropriate feelings of the occasion. Below are some outfit ideas that can be worn during the month of November leading up to and including Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Indian Costumes

Native costumes or American Indian costumes can be worn for Thanksgiving. However, for the most part people choose to wear the Indian costume if and only if they are in a Play or Presentation that has to do with the Holiday. Indian heritage is deeply embedded in the history of the United States and should not be forgotten during the holidays.

Dog thanksgiving costumes

Of course dressing up the dog in a costume is a little weird to some people but believe it or not people love this tradition. There is nothing like seeing your pet all dressed up along side you and your outfit. Turkey costumes for the dogs are not uncommon to find to dress up your pet!

Pilgrim costumes and Colonial Costumes

Another well celebrated heritage of the holidays is the Pilgrim. Arguably without the Pilgrims we would not be celebrating the “Thanks” for everything that we hold dear to us in life. Some signature items that a pilgrim girl or boy would wear are: Pilgrim shoes, hat, and the entire outfit that combines white with black.

Baby thanksgiving outfits:child turkey

Costumes for the baby are a popular item too! The talk of the dinner table would be your special baby if you were to arrive with your loved one dressed up as a turkey or pilgrim! The best thing about baby costumes is that if you can make them yourself the material is less than an adult outfit! Good luck on your special Thanksgiving Costume!