Supervillain Darth Vader Costumes popular this halloween!

baby darth vaderAfter the release of The Force Awakens in December of last year, it should be no surprise that everyone’s favorite Star Wars villain is back this year for Halloween – that’s right, Darth Vader!!

Vader was a popular Halloween costume back in the 70s, and had seen an incredible resurgence in popularity this year. One of the best things about this costume is that even homemade versions are easily and very recognizable!! Dress all in black, throw on a cape, a helmet, and mutter Vader’s famous lines and everyone will know who you are! There are very good full costume versions of the Darth Vader outfit available in most major stores including Target, Walmart, and Spirit Halloween, but for those who want to make their own costume, let’s break it down….

Break down of the Darth Vader Costume – what you’ll need…
1. Black cape – One of the most important features of this costume is a black cape. It should go from the shoulders all the way to the floor and should be completely black. The cape helps convey the importance that Vader has in the Force and helps elevate him above everyone else in the “Star Wars” universe.

darth vader mask2. Helmet – Darth Vader is always (except in one famous scene) wearing a mask. The Vader mask is what helps with the mystique and darkness surrounding him. The mask is also very unique and specific to Vader, getting it right is essential.

darth vader costume3.  Full coverage black body suit – underneath the cape, Darth Vader is dressed totally in black with the exception of a “belt” and a square electronic patch on his chest.  You can replicate this yourself with a black body suit and construct the path and belt out of cardboard and a bit of paint.

darth vader gauntlets4.  Gauntlets – This is more of an optional accessory, but one that might add a little something extra to your costume – black gauntlets.  If you don’t have actual gauntlets, black gloves will also do the trick – basically anything that hides your skin.

red light saber5.  The final piece of the costume you’ll need to complete your outfit is the light saber! Vader carries a red light saber with him.


Don’t forget that the Darth Vader costume is not just for boys and men – one of the best things about the costume is because Vader is covered with a mask, anyone (male or female!) can be Vader and still look authentic!!   If you’re looking to mix things up a bit and add your own version, there are also girl, baby, and pet versions of the costume available to choose from.!

female darth vader

pet vader costume

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