St Patrick’s Day Costume Ideas

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St Patrick’s Day comes March of every year and every year people around the world try to figure out what lucky charmscostume they can wear for the occasion. However, it is not uncommon for people to completely bypass the green themed costumes and go straight for the celebratory tattoo! Many of which are done completely free of charge at parades and street festival held for the Irish Holiday.

Well, if tattoos are not your thing, and every year you get pressured by your friends into getting one, you might be in LUCK! How can a person be dressed up in a costume be accused of not being in the spirit of the Holiday if they are dressed in a costume! Here are some ideas that will surely be enough to at least  grab the attention of parade goers, Irish, and people who have partied too much to even care! Become a Leprechaun: leprechaunSo simple and so straight forward that you won't even confuse the Irish! The leprechaun costume is the classic symbol of the Irish used from Universities to consumer products to cereals for breakfast. But don't be just any little green man, you must engulf the spirit and attitude as much as the outfit allows, the key to wearing it is to become the character! Let you imagination turn your personality into that of the leprechaun! Get in character if you choose to wear it! Become a Box of Lucky Cereal: The Irish might not care much for this costume and you might not get much love from them, but everybody else will have a blast when you dress up as a box the the famous cereal This costume is simple enough that it could even be made at home, the supplies you will need can be found fairly easy too. Find a cardboard box big enough to fit over you whole body, rig it so that your entire torso will be covered front and back and then be sure to cut out some arm holes. Next is the design, grab some paint and create the duplicate of the famous cereal on the cardboard box that you just created. Lastly, find a green wardrobe, green hat, green gloves, sunglasses, shoes, anything you can find that is green and will compliment your outfit! Just be creative and have fun!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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