Sheldon Cooper Costume

Dr. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory is super easy to recognize – he is a nerd! And a smart nerd (after all, he’s a theoretical physicist)  at that with a pretty cool sense of style!

So if you want to make a halloween costume out of things you have around your house – and clothing that you probably already have, then the Sheldon Cooper costume (otherwise known as the ultimate nerd costume!) is for you!

Sheldon’s shirts
Sheldon Cooper CostumeSheldon Typically wears a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt of a different color. You’ll want to start with a loud-colored light cotton long-sleeve shirt.
Dr Cooper CostumeA bright purple, or some kind of striped shirt is a good choice. Whatever you do, make sure it is colorful! Sheldon likes color!

Over that shirt, pick out a Tee from your close that has some kind of a cool, geeky logo on it and is a contrasting color to the shirt underneath. Superhero logos of some kind are always a favorite of Shellie. Think 80s-style, and think colorful! Stripes are another good choice.

plaid pantsYou will never see Dr. Cooper in jeans, rather for your costume you’ll want to wear some kind of non-jean alternative. Plaid pants in a light brown are always a good choice!  If you don’t have plaid pants (how many people do unless you’re a golfer!?) Khakis will work too.

Sheldon’s hair is slicked down tight to his head and cut conservatively short.

dr-cooper-costume-accessoryWhenever Dr. Cooper is going out, he almost always has his messenger bag with him…and this should be a key part of your costume! The messenger bag should be in a light khaki color and you should wear it slung over your shoulder and up against your hip.

Finally, when you are out and about in your costume, don’t forget to say things that are only funny to yourself, keep a smarter-than-you-are attitude, and intersperse the phrase “Bazinga” when you think you get someone with a joke!

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