Pan Am Uniform Costume

pan am adBe a Pan Am stewardess for Halloween!  The Pan Am Costume is making a comback with the resurgence of interest in this old 1960s airline.  The interest is in part being sparked by a new TV series drama called Pan Am and set to star Christina Ricci as a Pan Am flight attendant.  Pan Am (formally known as Pan American World Airways) was a US air carrier that operated from 1927 to 1991.

If you want to be a Pan Am flight attendant for halloween, here are the articles of clothing you will need:
pan am costume

1.  The Pan Am stewardess costume can easily be made if you have a blue suit at home.  The outfit consists of a solid light blue colored flight attendant skirt and jacket.  Remember, this is a 1960s outfit, not a modern one! So it’s going to be a little more modest than you may be used to! The skirt should be knee length and the jacket should be long sleeved.  Wear a light colored collared shirt underneath the jacket, and button up the jacket!

2.  Top off your flight stewardess outfit with a blue stewardess cap! The cap should be a pill box hat style and should sit snuggly on the head and should be blue.  A “Pan Am” medallion or pin stuck on the side will help finish the look!  And don’t forget about your hands – a pair of white gloves are a nice extra touch for this halloween outfit!

flight bag3.  Accessorize! To accessorize your Pan Am costume, just ad a Pan Am flight bag – again be sure the bag is in blue.  You can print out the Pan Am logo from online and tape or glue it on the front of the bag to make it clearer that it’s an official airline flight bag!

pan am costume
Twist on the traditional flight attendant uniform:

If you don’t want the traditional 1960s flight attendant look for halloween you can modernize it!  Britney Spears in her music video Toxic wears a blue flight attendant uniform that looks very similar to the Pan Am outfit, but is much more futuristic looking. Take inspiration from her look on how to create your own “futuristic” take on the Pan Am of the future!

pan am tv series

Christina Ricci dressed as a Pan Am flight attendant

britney spears toxic

Britney Spears in her music video Toxic - Pan Am costume of the future?

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