Cousin It Costume

The Cousin It costume (aka “Cousin Itt costume“) is an excellent do-it-yourself choice for anyone that wants to be part of the Addams Family! This is a great halloween costume choice if you’re on a budget as it can very easily be made at home for very little money! So here you go…

Cousin It cousin itt wig

Cousin It Wig



How to make a Cousin It Halloween Costume:

Step 1. Get an old hat. Cousin It typically wore a black hat with wide brim. You will use this hat as the centerpiece for your costume.

Step 2: You need a few balls of brown yarn. Take out individual strands of yarn and glue them to the inside of the hat just along the edge of the brim. You need to completely encircle the hat. When worn, the yarn should completely mask your face both from the front and the back, so be sure you have it thick enough!

Step 3: Put the hat on your head and position your yarn so your face is covered. Put a pair of black-rimmed glasses on your face and your done! Be sure when you walk around you shuffle and keep your arms completely at your side!

Addams Family Cousin It Costume

If you don’t want a do it yourself Cousin It Halloween Costume, you can always purchase one. Do a quick search in google shopping for “cousin it wig” and you will find a wonderfully thick adult sized cousin it wig!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

cousin itt halloween costume
Who is Cousin It?

Cousin It (really spelled Cousin Itt) is part of the Addams Family – a fictional family that had a long-running TV show. Cousin It is supposedly human and male – his parents are “That” and “Anemia Addams”. He is easily identified by the fact that he has hair that covers his face. His child is “What Addams”. Itt is also the cousin of “Gomez Addams” the patriarch of the Addams family.

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