chasing fireflies costumes

chasing fireflies costumes

chasing fireflies costumes

Do you want to be a firefly for Halloween? Well, this costume is not easy to get ahold of and your best bet is to try to make a homemade costume! Let’s take a look at the do-it-yourself steps…

1. Chasing Fireflies costumes are ideal for girls…
This halloween outfit consists of only a few different elements mostly for that of a girl costume.

2. What you’ll need
You will need some tights and a pair of firefly wings. Most girls also like to add some cute accessories too! Including hairbands and sometimes a tiny tail type of prop!

3. How to Make Firefly Wings for your costume

Firefly wings can be homemade similar to how fairy wings are made. If you are a kid or youth, I recommend getting an adult to help you. What you’ll need are:

  • lightweight sheer fabric
  • 12 gauge wire – you can get this at many hobby shops, they come in multiple colors including red, blue, green and yellow. Think about the color fabric that you got for your wings to be and get a color that matches!
  • hot glue gun
  • elastic from fabric store

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is bend the wire into the shape that you want your wings to be. Firefly wings are typically “double wings” with two long oval loops on top and two on bottom. Get an adult’s help to bend the wire into this shape.

Step 2: Next, lay the shaped wire on top of the fabric that you have. You’ll want to cut around the wire, be sure to leave a little bit of overhang!

chasing fireflies costumes wings

fireflies costumes wings

Step 3: Next, use your hot glue gun to glue the fabric onto the wire. The overhanging cloth that you left should be folded over the wire and glued as well for extra support.

Step 4: To attach the wings to your body, you’ll need some elastic tied to the ends of the wings and harnessed around your shoulders and waist – just like a backpack!

This type of costume of great for kids and girls who want to get creative and be able to make their own costume on a budget.

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