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How to make a Rihanna Costume

If you’re looking for a halloween costume that is likely to garner *alot* of attention, you’ll want to try making a Rihanna Costume! This is a fairly easy DIY costume idea – the actual...

foam butt costume

Big Booty is Back Costume

The big booty costume is back this year – all the celebs are trying to get them – Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Kim Kardashian – the list goes on and on! So, how do...

Cupid Costume

All kidding aside Valentine’s Day is turning out to be a favorite for dressing up in a cupid costume, I mean, there is not another holiday that is as romantic as February 14th! So...

How to look like Kim Kardashian!

So you want to look Kim Kardashian the TV personality sex symbol?! This is the place that you can find pictures and how to instructions you can tape on your wall after achieving the...

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playboy bunny costume

A sexy outfit choice for halloween is the playboy bunny costume! This fall season the new TV show the Playboy Club is making playboy bunnies the center of attention – and make no doubt...

Costume of Pirate

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