Al Capone Costume

al capone suitNotorious American Gangster Al Capone is practically synonymous with the word “mobster” and is the person you think of if you are wanting to dress up as a 1920s gangster for Halloween. Making an Al Capone Costume from scratch at home is fairly simple – it will require some basic, nice pieces such as a hat, suit, and cigar. The key with the Capone costume is elegance, and then you accessorize with some mobster guns, cigars, and a gangster leer on your face and you’re practically done! Let’s take a look…

Step 1:

Get a 1920s/1930s Al Capone Suit

Al Capone was known for his extremely stylish suits. An Al Capone Suit should include a dark pin-striped suit – you can decide on either single or double breasted (it’s up to you). Black and Dark Grey are the popular suit color choices. The shirt worn under the suit should just be a basic white collared shirt. Be sure to iron and make it look perfect!
AL Capone Suit

Step 2:

Al Capone Hat

Al Capone’s hat was a “fedora hat” which was popular with 1920s gangsters. Fedora Hats are felt hats with a wide gross-grain band around the base. The brim goes all the way around the hat. This type of hat was extremely popular during the 1920s, and has recently had a resurgence in popularity with rock stars and celebrities such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake donning the famous hat. Al Capone’s style was typically to wear a white fedora hat or a black fedora hat with a contrasting ribbon. In particular, Capone favored a particular fedora which came from the the Borsalino hat company.
al capone fedora hat
al capone hat

Step 3:

Matching Tie & Handkerchief for Capone Costume

Dress up your Capone Costume with a matching tie and handkerchief – Capone usually had his in silk!

Step 4:

Big Black Cigar

In many pictures, Capone could be seen with a big black cigar either in hand or in his mouth. Great accessory for your Capone Halloween Costume!
al capone cigar

Step 5:

Pinky Ring

There is nothing that says gangster more than the pinky ring! Al Capone had an 11.5 carat diamond pinkie ring that he wore. If you don’t have a diamond pinkie ring, another choice that Al Capone wore was a gold pinky ring with the initials “AC” on it for Al Capone. See if you can make your own men’s pinkie ring for your costume!
al capone pinky ring

Who was Capone and why be him for halloween?
Al Capone was a “Prohibition Era” gangster in the Chicago Crime Outfit – he was famous for bootlegging, smuggling, and the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. He was eventually sent to jail for tax evasion (yes, I said tax evasion!) and ended up serving time in Alcatraz. Capone is one of the most famous Public Enemies there ever was and of course one of the most notorious gangsters from the 1920s!

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